Shift Market's mission is to provide technology services and turnkey solutions that make foreign exchanges and cryptocurrency more accessible to businesses and individuals.

After almost 10 years of business, Shift Markets expanded its focus from the FX market on to the growing Crypto industry. With this change in the company’s direction, a new identity was needed for the company.

Taking inspiration from the tech, financial and the new crypto industry, Shift Markets was rebranded into a high-end tech company.

Even though Shift Markets was an established brand in the forex industry, Shift was working on establishing its presence in crypto. Working closely with the marketing team, we developed a video to establish us as thought leaders in the industry. The video aims to create a sense of FOMO similar to the 2017 crypto boom, we also aimed to showcase Shift Market’s global network. Targeting crypto enthusiasts we managed to get our video seen over 50,000 times on multiple platforms.

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