I’m Patrick Kosmowski, a Multidisciplinary Designer specializing in product and visual design, living in Brooklyn


“Discz recommends songs based on past listening preferences and plays TikTok-sized 15-second snippets of each. Its interactive component, though, has made it one of the most popular new apps.” - Rolling Stone

UXLabel Case Study

Traditional online shopping experiences are becoming frustrating and dated experiences not designed for younger audiences and an evolving market. Label aims to solve this issue.


Shift Market’s flagship product is its white label crypto exchange technology. The CoinTrader UI/UX Design System was developed to give Shift Market’s clients a modern trading interface for their exchanges.

UXSpotify Feed Case Study

There’s a growing trend on social media platforms where users share their music and podcast recommendations with their audience. Spotify is a great product for listening and finding new music and podcasts but it lacks any solid social features.

My Recent Events:

Design Talk and Live Workshop

NYU SPS Spirit Week - Graphic Design Masterclass: Beginner Edition

UX.Collective Article

"The past, present, and future of fashion e-commerce" published in UX Collective

BrandingPersonal Design Projects

Self-expression of my cumulated design skills and experiences, challenged with my personal creativity.

BrandingShift Markets

Shift Market's mission is to provide technology services and turnkey solutions that make foreign exchanges and cryptocurrency more accessible to businesses and individuals. After 10 years of business, Shift Markets expanded its focus from the FX market on to the growing Crypto industry. With this change in the company’s direction, a new identity was needed for the company.