Designing a better exchange.

The Problem

Shift Market’s had an outdated and poorly optimized trading platform. This platform caused issues with Shift Market clients looking to provide end users with a modern trading interface. Clients were unable to customize the product they purchased to match their brand and meet increased client expectations. The product needed to be updated to appeal to a broader customer base.

My Role

User Research



Visual Design










Understand the goal.

Shift Market’s flagship product is their white label crypto exchange technology. The product, before the redesign, lacked what other modern trading solutions had which led to client dissatisfaction. The product was rebranded as CoinTrader, and was developed to give Shift Market’s clients a modern trading interface for their exchanges. Using a modular design, based on Google Material Design, allows for simple UI changes to suit client branding needs. CoinTrader introduced a seamless design to the development process allowing for a faster product delivery. It also allowed for end users to trade crypto currency with industry standards.


Define the audience.

After an extensive competitive product research phase, we noticed a lack of crypto exchanges tailored for competent to proficient traders. The CoinTrader user interface was designed to target these competent to proficient users and allow them to easily trade crypto assets on an intuitive UI. CoinTrader would be sold to exchange operators to allow them to easily implement their branding onto the exchange.


  • As an exchange operator I want a user-friendly and modern exchange where my clients can trade digital assets.
  • As an exchange user I want an intuitive user interface that allows me to trade assets quickly.
  • As an exchange operator I want an exchange that matches my company's unique branding.

    Prioritize, choose idea

      Create a unique user experience for each exchange operator
      Create an exchange platform that allows for easy customization
      Create a universal exchange with little customization existing-user-profile

    Based on the Impact vs Effort exercise solution 2 would be the best approach. Approach 2 would give us the best impact on effort. It allows exchange operators to have a unique exchange with an intuitive user interface.

    Userflow & Wireframes


    CoinTrader’s homepage was designed to show traders the information needed before conducting trades. This information includes an overview of your portfolio, active market activity, crypto news, and recent account activity. The aim was to create a hub of information to allow traders to be informed.

    Once the traders have taken a look at CoinTrader’s home, they will move onto the trading section to conduct cryptocurrency trades. The trade section was designed to appear familiar to experienced traders and easy to understand to those new to cryptocurrency exchanges. Coin information from the currency the user selected is shown in the Market Overview module. Standard trading features as order books and order types can be found here too. It was designed to be familiar and intuitive.

    The Wallet gives users the ability to check the balance and to add funds to their accounts. Users can easily find what asset they need by searching for that asset or selecting the crypto or fiat tab. Once selected, users can see their balance, add or withdraw funds quickly.

    User profile settings, notification preferences, and security settings can be changed in the settings area on CoinTrader.

    CoinTrader Design System

    The CoinTrader Design System was designed to create a seamless product experience for all future Shift Market products. Codenamed “DragonGlass’, this design system delivered end-users a clear, sharp and modern way to trade crypto assets. By taking design notes from Google’s Material Design, Shift Market products would be made to deliver a seamless experience from web to mobile.


    The exchange operator’s branding can be easily implemented onto CoinTrader. Operators can add their brand's colors, background, and even adjust details such as rounded or straight edges or fonts. This creates a unique look and allows for quick development time.

    Mobile Experience

    CoinTrader was built to allow traders to use the exchange on mobile. Using responsive design allows for users to access the platform on mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

    Measuring success


    Once CoinTrader was pushed live to Shift Market customers, we noticed an uptick in positive customer feedback. Most exchange operators reported positively to the new user experience.

    User Research

    We continued to work on CoinTrader by collecting user data. A brief survey was developed for end users to complete after spending time on CoinTrader. The data submitted on to this survey was used for future adjustments and updates.

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