Creating a Culture Centered around Musical Discovery and Self Expression

About Discz

“Discz recommends songs based on past listening preferences and plays TikTok-sized 15-second snippets of each. Its interactive component, though, has made it one of the most popular new apps.” - Rolling Stone

Since Launch Discz has gained massive popularity. The app reached number 12 in the music section of Apple’s App Store.

My Role

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Understand the goal.

I was approached by Discz to create a culture centered around Music Discovery and Self Expression. Culture is a crucial part in creating an engaging social community. We can create a culture centered around musical discovery and self expression using branding, marketing and a structured social experience.

This process and way of design thinking could be extended into Discz’s structure, onboarding process, and user profiles.


Define the audience.

Not all users behave the same. When running a platform some users become more valuable than others. A social network structure is important so we can place and guide users into correct categories. This allows us to predict their behavior and grow the community. A hierarchical structure incentives growth. Users want to be validated with their musical expression. It gives an outside purpose for using the social platform centered around music.

A categorization of users was created ranging from “High Value Users” to users who simply wanted to explore Discz’s music discovery features.


First Impression is KEY! After comparing and reviewing competitor’s onboarding process, I found the onboarding process is an incredibly important part in creating returning users.

The use of an intro video sets the tone and gives excitement to a user. User’s don’t like to read, by showing information in this format we can intro users correctly and set the environment

The order in which we ask a user for information is important. We don’t want to overwhelm a new user.

User Profile

By looking to past web based social music experiences I aimed to create an engaging music profile that users would want to share and express themselves with.

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