A community-driven, AI centered shopping experience redesigned for an evolving market.


    Traditional online shopping experiences are becoming frustrating and dated experiences not designed for younger audiences and an evolving market.


    The traditional web 2.0 online shopping experience is beginning to show its age. This shopping experience has not adapted well to younger audiences who seek different needs when shopping online. As brick and mortar stores become secondary, online shopping experiences need to adapt to remain impactful and relevant. By designing a new experience centered around community building, AI curated content, and a second-hand market, it is expected that:

      • Users will be attracted to a new and fresh platform

      • A newly designed experience will appeal to a younger and evolving market as it targets those user needs.

      • Brands who adopt and engage with this new shopping experience will see an increase in brand recognition in younger demographics.

      • Potential for increased sales as AI curated content shows products targeted specifically towards users whose interest match.



    • Gen Z - Mileanals interested in Fashion (menswear, womenswear, and streetwear)

    • Fashion enthusiasts looking to engage with the community

    • Collectors looking for a second-hand market to sell and purchase

    • Upcoming brands aiming to grow brand recognition

    • Established brands wanting to engage with a younger demographic



    • As a Gen Z - Mileanal, I want a stress free shopping experience where I can be inspired, engage with fellow fashion enthusiasts, and potentially sell my clothing.

    • As a Fashion Enthusiast, I want to engage with a community and have a platform where I can follow my favorite brands for their new releases and updates.

    • As a collector, I'm looking to tap into a second-hand market to purchase and resell items in my collection.

    • As a new brand, I'm looking for an online platform to engage with younger consumers and a platform to sell my products and build my brand recognition.

    • As an established brand, I'm looking to remain relevant by engaging with a younger market.


Introducing Label


Label's home is where users will spend most of their time. Label was designed with a community-first approach and takes inspiration from apps like TikTok. Users can switch from a feed showing them users they follow or an AI curated feed. This will allow users to discover brands and other users in the community, find items they're interested in purchasing and engage with others on the platform.


Label's goal is to change the way traditional shopping is done. Brand and user profiles are designed to allow for easy engagement and discovery. It's less of an online catalog and more of a social experience.


With these elements in play, shopping becomes a stress-free experience similar to shopping with friends.