An Improved Spotify Social Experience

The Problem

Spotify has an existing social infrastructure that’s not being utilized to its full potential.

This is a hypothetical design project based on an article I’ve written in UX Collective:
“Why hasn’t Spotify improved its social features?”

My Role

User Research





Web App

Mobile App




Understand the goal.

There’s a growing trend on social media platforms where users share their music and podcast recommendations with their audience. Spotify is a great product for listening and finding new music and podcasts, but it lacks any solid social features. Current user profiles lack any purpose other than showcasing a user’s playlists. By improving the social experience for users Spotify could:

  • Create a unique feature that stands out from the competition
  • Increase user engagement and loyalty for the product
  • Gather user data, improving the overall product
  • Improve the product appeal to a new demographic
  • Funnel existing outside social media engagement back onto the Spotify platform
  • Increase the number of users
  • Create a space for artists and podcasts to share updates directly on the platform
  • Who?

    Define the audience.

  • Active users who stream audio on the mobile and desktop platform
  • Users who share their music preferences and playlists on outside social media platforms
  • Musical artists and podcast creators looking to engage with their audience
  • Brands and Social Media influencers
  • Younger demographic, Male and Female, age 16 - 30


  • As an engaged Spotify user I want to be able to see what my friends and people I follow actively listen to and recommend.
  • As an Artist or Podcast I want to be able to share my work with my followers directly on the platform.
  • As a user who shares my music or podcast suggestions on social media I want to have a location where my audience can follow me for future music or podcast updates.

    Prioritize, choose idea

      Improve existing Spotify sharing features on outside social media platforms
      Improve the UX for the existing social features on Spotify
      Create a new social experience with new features on Spotify existing-user-profile

    Based on the Impact vs Effort exercise solution 2 would be the best approach. Improving Spotify’s existing social features would not introduce anything too unfamiliar with existing users. This prevents any steep learning curves as the features are already familiar. This solution would also be easier for development and execution.


    Desktop Wireframes

    Mobile Wireframes

    Spotify Feed

    Introducing Spotify Feed, an area on your Spotify profile where you can see the most recent updates from your friends, artists, and podcasts you follow. Spotify users are now able to share songs, playlists, and podcasts directly on the platform. When an artist and podcast share newly released songs or albums to the feed, their posts appear stylized. This directs users to their newly released content and creates incentives for artists and podcasts to post on the feed.

    The new feed was designed to fit with the existing Spotify design language. This can be seen when the feed is displayed on Spotify’s home with previous existing content.

    The Spotify Feed also adds a new dynamic to user profiles. Previously only public playlists were shown, but with the addition of a feed to profiles users have a greater incentive and purpose to browse their friends and see what songs, podcasts, or playlists they share.

    The feed on mobile is located where users access their podcasts and music. Adding a feed to mobile user profiles also helps improve the mobile profiles dynamic.

    Patrick Kosmowski © 2020